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At Jenkins & Jenkins we understand how quickly a business can experience all sorts of difficulties. As a leading online insolvency specialist firm, we focus on delivering high quality and swift insolvency solutions.

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We leverage our strong connections with banks and other UK lenders to negotiate efficient debt write-offs. Our insolvency experts have valuable know-how in dealing with difficult negotiation tactics, such as establishing new creditor terms. Take advantage of our professional services available for all insolvency scenarios: 

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Online Insolvency Resources

The insolvency process is usually complex, time consuming and costly, for this reason we only work with high-calibre insolvency professional who have accumulated know-how from decades of experience.

"We get you the very best services by working with well established insolvency practitioners. who have widespread experience in dealing with insolvency cases of small companies and large corporations."

Sue Renshaw - Senior Advisor

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Administration Order

A court procedure placing a company or partnership that is, or may become insolvent under the control of an administrator.

Seek advice when directors become concerned that the company may not be able to avoid insolvency.

Advice to Directors

Mechanism allowing an insolvent business to reach an agreement with its creditors to delay or reduce the payment of its debts.

Voluntary Liquidation


The task of the receiver is to realise the assets of the company for the benefit of the charge-holder.


Help your under performing business where demands on cash flow are getting to the point where there is a real threat that everything will spiral out of control.

Lines Open 9am-6pm

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